Disney Book Tag

I watched the new Toy Story movie the other day (it was amazing can't tell just how much I cried my eyes out) and thus have decided to do some kind of booktag that I found online. I could not find a good Toy Story one (eternally sad) BUT I found a Disney one (YAY). ... Continue Reading →


Imma just say now, I dislike Summer. I hate the heat, I hate trying to dress in accordance with the weather (like it may not be warm in the morning when I leave but about two hours later it's gonna be BOILING), I hate how long the days are. I like winter. I like cold... Continue Reading →

I Love Dystopian Books

So I love Dystopian novels so much! I love the whole yo the future ain't good or a Utopian society turned Dystopian like YES. Or worlds which are amazing and all that for some people but are borderline hell for everyone else. They're just so interesting to see the different futuristic style worlds that have been created and finding out the flaws and issues surrounding it. 

Mental Health Representation In Books

Mental Health awareness and representation is really important in media be that films, TV or books, especially since there's is such a negative stigma surrounding mental health problems. And books (and films and TV) that give it representation and do it well are AMAZING.

Favourite Fictional Couples

I don't often read book that are just about romance and love and stuff (okay I do sometimes but not all the time) but there are many couples that even just thinking about make my heart just MELT because I have so much  love for them. This is just a list of a few of my favourite of all favourite couples.

Marvel Avengers Book Tag

I watched Endgame the other day and since I'm on a mini Marvel-Avengers high, I figured I'd do this Avengers tag I found a little while ago which I figured would be kind of fun to do. Iron Man A Book That Made You Laugh Out Loud Harry Potter series. I don't really read books... Continue Reading →

Favourite Villains

I love me a villain and the evil bad characters especially when I leave a book thinking "God I freaking hate them" because THAT, my friends, is a well written villain. I also love villains that makes me sit there and think "well, if the book was written from their point of view were they really... Continue Reading →

Books That Made Me Cry

I am this eternal state of emotions and I'll cry at pretty much anything. Films, books, songs, anything. So there have been many many many a time when I'll be reading and suddenly I'm crying. It may not even be from a sad or emotional part of the book, but I cannay help it and... Continue Reading →

International Women’s Day

In the spirit of International Women's Day and supporting women, here's a list of my all time favourite female characters from books (be ready for some bad-ass womens). Citra Scythe  Citra (turned Scythe Anastasia) was such a strong and great character I adored her. At first I had my doubts about her just because she... Continue Reading →

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