The Island of Dr. Moreau

At first I was a tad worried about starting this book, mainly because I'm so easily confused with overly complicated books (and this one looked mighty mighty confusing), but I enjoyed so so so much more than I had expected to. A shipwreck in the South Seas, a palmy paradise where a mad doctor conducts... Continue Reading →

The Mermaid

Earlier this year I read Lost Boy by Christina Henry and loved it so so so so so much, that I just HAD to read something else of hers. And since I am a sucker for all things mermaid (like seriously, I love mermaid stuff far more than a 21 probably should), I decided to read The Mermaid this month for a good dose of creepy, Christina Henry, fantasy, retelling. But with a mermaid.

Gerald’s Game

SO I realised the other month that I hadn't read any Stephen King since about December and like ??? Lauren, what you doing ? I've been reading mainly YA books this year and since King isn't┬árealllly YA genre, I just hadn't pick up any of his books in a while. So ya girl sat down... Continue Reading →

The Boy Who Steals Houses

Can I get a hello to my latest favourite book?? I completely and totally fell in love with this book as soon as I started it and honestly, I'm already tempted to read it again. Can two broken boys find their perfect home? Sam is only fifteen but he and his autistic older brother, Avery,... Continue Reading →

13 Minutes

Hmm. So I have a fair amount to say about this book and it ain't all good. I'll start off with how genuinely excited I was to read this book. A YA novel set in a high school about a murder mystery where the victim survived? Like, that's just right up my ally. Natasha is... Continue Reading →


Last week I read Scythe and immediately went out to buy the sequel Thunderhead, and my god I'd say this one was even better than the first! It was so good! Everything got better developed and we learnt more about the characters and the Thunderhead it's within their world. I loved it! Rowan has gone... Continue Reading →


I've been a fan of Neal Shusterman's books for a while having already read the Unwind series and Everlost series but due to other books on my reading list, I didn't get round to Scythe for quite a while. I finally read it this week and I am in love! I understand why everyone is... Continue Reading →

Lost Boy

So this book. This book. WAS SO GOOD! I didn't start reading it for ages because of personal stresses and issues, but once I started it, I couldn't put it down. I was HOOKED (yes I know how funny I am) and I just wanted to keep reading and reading it forever. There is one... Continue Reading →

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