It: The Book And The Films

Recently, I made a post about my favourite Stephen King books* and I didn't include It, despite it being probably one of my favourite books.  *My 5 Favourite Stephen King Books I didn't not include It because I don't like the book, or because I don't find it worthy of being listed as one of... Continue Reading →

My 5 Favourite Stephen King Books

Since I have read sixteen different Stephen King books, I feel like I can now officially say that I've read a good chunk of his bibliography. Granted, when you compare my sixteen to the sheer amount he has written in total, it's a small percentage, but I'm still proud of myself.  And, while I still... Continue Reading →

Bill Hodges Trilogy

Since my latest aim of trying to read all (or at least as many) Stephen King books, I have managed to discover what is probably one of my new favourite book series. The Bill Hodges Trilogy, featuring the books Mr. Mercedes, Finders Keepers and End Of Watch is a series that gripped me from page one... Continue Reading →

Six Months Deep Into 2020

How how HOW is it only June ? If you asked me a week ago what month we were in, hand on heart, I would have guessed at least August. But you're telling me, 2020 has only existed for six months. SIX? I don't believe you. Yes, I'm looking at you little calendar in the... Continue Reading →

I Love The Unwind Books

So, for anyone who's read pretty much ANY of my blog posts, you've 100% seen me talking about Neal Shusterman's books, or more specifically, his book series, Unwind.  I talk about these books a lot. Well, at least, I think about them a lot. And I think about talking about them a lot. I am... Continue Reading →

Hunger Games Prequel

So, a while back when they announced the upcoming Hunger Games prequel, I made a blog post all about how excited I was for it and how I (along with a lot of people) assumed it would have been about Mags and her time in the games. Apparently we were all very off.  I know... Continue Reading →

One Month Deep Into 2020

January is finally over. It only took 87 days, but we've finally entered the second month of the year. And as I begin February, I realise I didn't make a post about my 2020 goals BIGGEST GASP.  Reading Challenge I've set myself a Goodreads reading challenge like I've done the last two years. In 2018 and... Continue Reading →

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