My May Summary

May happened. I don’t really know what happened this month, but I guess it happened. It felt both really long but also really quick. Which makes no sense. So I don’t know. Maybe I just slept for all of May ? Which is more of a possibility than I care admit. I slept for most of my first semester at Uni sooooooo. 

No but actually I think it’s just because my life is very boring so I did little other than just watch TV and scroll mindlessly through Instagram.

This Month I Read…

… very very little. Basically nothing. I read Gerald’s Game, but that’s literally it. I wanted to read more and I really wish I had, but my brain was like hmmmm no every time I began to read. BUT I did eventually read it, it took me about a month (maybe longer) but I did read it. And it was really good, I was just very out of it whenever I tried to read which isn’t great. I had intended to start reading The Mermaid by Christina Henry (I read her book Lost Boy a few months ago and loved it), but my slow self just didn’t get round to it. Oh well, looks like that’s gonna be a June read instead.

Books I Bought

I bought my usual fair amount of charity shop books (for I am but a poor person and can’t really afford tons and tons of fresh cute and brand new books) and they’re all piled in my room, under my bed waiting to be read. Since it was my birthday this month, I also got ‘Salem’s Lot and Firestarter (both by Stephen King) because I’ve wanted to read them both for a while now, but I never got round to buying them for myself. But I have them now (YAY) and I’m really really excited to start them. 

TV and Other Stuff

I’ve been struggling lately to find anything new to watch on Netflix. Like there’s so much I get too overwhelmed and can’t decide what to actually start. So then I end up rewatching shows like Brooklyn 99 (for the 200th time). I watched that new show Dead To Me and I had no idea what to expect, but it was really really good. I think I watched the entire season in like two days. Oop.

I did go back to the cinema to watch Endgame again because HOLY SMOKES it’s so good. I also watched the ending of this seasons RuPaul’s Drag Race which yay because I completely agree with the winner, but also sad because no more Drag Race. 



I’m still *trying* to write as much as possible, but the idea I’ve got at the moment and am working on isn’t exciting me as much as I hoped it would. Like I still like the idea and want to keep working on it, but I can’t really see where I’m going with it. I’ve got something of a plan written out, but every time I try to do anything with it, I can’t work out how it’s gonna get where I want it to go. maybe I’m still creatively drained and mentally tired, I dunno. But I do really really hope that I just kind of get over it and keep writing.  

Lisa Writing is hard

Ah well, it’s June now and I plan to read a hecken lot more than I did in May (like lots and lots more) and try and get out of my I can’t write because everything sucks mindset. And I’ll definitely watch more TV and films and be my usual lame self. Although June stresses me out. Because it’s summertime and I am not a summer person, I am a let’s grab five blankets, fluffy socks and pyjamas while we watch a film and drink tea type person. I like winter.

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