Jacqueline Wilson’s Books Should Not Be Banned

Last week I saw an article about Jacqueline Wilson books needing to be banned. (Mums Are Calling For Jacqueline Wilson Books To Be ‘Banned From Children’) And I haven't stopped thinking about it because it annoyed me so gosh darn much for so many different reasons. If you haven't read it, give it a read... Continue Reading →


I’m A Guilty Reader

I can more than happily admit that I'm guilty one or two (or more) things when it comes to books. And I like lists. So I'm here to make a list of book things I'm guilty of. Feel free to judge me. I judge me. Folded The Page Of A Book Yep. Already, I'm a... Continue Reading →

Lost Boy

So this book. This book. WAS SO GOOD! I didn't start reading it for ages because of personal stresses and issues, but once I started it, I couldn't put it down. I was HOOKED (yes I know how funny I am) and I just wanted to keep reading and reading it forever. There is one... Continue Reading →

A Thousand Perfect Notes

I have been following C.G. Drews blog and Instagram for quite a while and have thus been eyeing up this book as well, but due to money and other books I wanted to read and other other stuff, I didn't get around to it. But when I was in Waterstones beginning of last month, I... Continue Reading →

My January Summary

January for me was both oddly long but also short. Like it's already been a month+ since Christmas but also it's only been a month+ since Christmas ?? I've decided over 2019 I'm going to try and blog more (I blogged a lot over the ending of 2018 but didn't do anywhere near as much at the... Continue Reading →

Two Can Keep A Secret

So last year I read One Of Us Is Lying and it became one of my favourite books of the year. All of the characters were my children, I thought it was so well written, it was a good mix of young adult fiction, murder, mysteries and romance and I just thought it was a... Continue Reading →

I’m A Slow Reader

Sometimes I can read a book in a few days and be ready to move on to the next. Other times, it takes me a bit (lot) longer to read a book that shouldn't have taken me any longer than a week. But there are reasons. I'm not just a bad reader who will stop... Continue Reading →

The History Of Bees

The History of Bees by Maja Lunde was a book I had had on my TBR list on Goodreads for a while but I never got round to buying it for myself and reading it. So I got it for Christmas and read it as my first book of 2019. It took me a while... Continue Reading →

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