The Time Machine

Back in June, I read H. G. Wells' The Island of Doctor Moreau, a book which I'd wanted to read for a while and found myself really really enjoying (even if it was confusing and creepy and weird). And for one of my university units, I had to read H. G. Wells' The Time Machine.... Continue Reading →

DC Book Tag

SOOOOO I watched Birds Of Prey the other night and no, I'm still not okay. That film was GOLD. Like actually amazing and if you haven't seen it (for some reason), please please please go out there and watch it. It's so worth it.  I figured since I'm in love with Birds Of Prey, I'd... Continue Reading →

Hunger Games Prequel

So, a while back when they announced the upcoming Hunger Games prequel, I made a blog post all about how excited I was for it and how I (along with a lot of people) assumed it would have been about Mags and her time in the games. Apparently we were all very off.  I know... Continue Reading →


I like doing these because I like lists. They just look so organised and pretty and cute. And I wanted to do this because I love Friends (ya, i know, i'm basic like that), but when I say I have watched this show through over 40 times, there's no exaggeration there. That's so much of my... Continue Reading →

One Month Deep Into 2020

January is finally over. It only took 87 days, but we've finally entered the second month of the year. And as I begin February, I realise I didn't make a post about my 2020 goals BIGGEST GASP.  Reading Challenge I've set myself a Goodreads reading challenge like I've done the last two years. In 2018 and... Continue Reading →

One Of Us Is Next

If you haven't heard, there's a sequel to One Of Us Is Lying (aka one of my favourite books) called One Of Us Is Next. So when I found out there was a sequel, well I just about screamed until I got my hands on it.  And I'm so gosh darn happy!! It is a... Continue Reading →

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